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Saturday, June 30, 2007 @4:38 PM

it's been a really long time since i've blogged! guess i'm just really lazy! can't be helped! these days, i've just been speding money! and when i tell people about my money crisis or depleting funds, all i get is a laugh! who could blame them? i mean, after 4mths of working, you would expect more savings than a mere $100. haha. i guess i would have $300 if i didn't get any souvenirs from hongkong! haha and if i ate more simply during work, i think i would have more money than expected! ah yes, treats and random presents. haha was a little too generous with my $6.50 per hour pay (without deducting the cpf)! oh well, now you know where the bulk of money goes.

anyway it'll be three weeks on monday (2nd july) since i quit. time pass equally fast when you are not working. time really waits for no man, it's hard not to look back and heave a little sigh, that i didn't use my time wisely during this period of unemployment. but i did have fun during this few weeks! ((: i have swam for two days for this week, it's not alot! but good enough haha! i miss my colleagues alot! it felt so strange to not be able to see them on a daily basis! all the craziness and laughter that they brought me! i miss them! but i have seen them for two tuesdays already!

haha it took me almost 2 weeks to find myself a driving instructor and finally booking an appt! i hope i can do well in manual driving man!! :P

philicia got me this part-time job to sell plaques for the graduates! the company is really nice, lunch and dinner provided! and the food wasn't bad! kinda enjoyed working there, besides the fact that i had the lowest sales! and during the off-peak periods, could talk to philicia! haha! about things i didn't think i would have told her :S haha. i've worked for two days! that's all!

by the way, i really miss szehui! miss teasing her (: she's the best person to tease :D when is she coming back man! her pictures look good (: faya's coming back on the 16th of july! and wanwen is leaving for aust on the 13th of july! ): don't have a full clique again! i really miss the clique hanging out man! we don't really have to do anything, sitting down and talk is good enough for me! you know, just wanna be there for them. i think i haven't come to terms with wanwen leaving for aust! i've been so caught up with i don't know what, that the idea hasn't sink into me yet. it's gonna be less than 2 weeks before she leaves. that's really quick man! i hope she comes back quick (: school term is gonna start soon! i really wonder how is it gonna be like, i'm not an independent person and rather absent-minded! i hope i can get used to the system! and most importantly, i hope i can plan my time well (i haven't gotten the hang of time management since i was in primary school, let's see if uni is gonna change me) i hope school won't be busy and that our clique will try to make time for each other! ((:

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Tuesday, June 12, 2007 @12:36 PM

Office photos :D
all the links provided for your comfort.

Collated Random office moments (:
-memories i won't forget

Saturday, 210407

Friday, 040507
-ivan's 21st celebration

Friday, 010607
-trina's last day

Friday, 080607
-meiting's and jlow's last day!

Monday, 110607
-my last day

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Sunday, May 20, 2007 @11:41 PM

it's been such a long time since i blogged! that's cause my blogger account has been quite messed up, that i decided not to touch it! fear for it! lol. or maybe it was my ie that had a bug or smtg? haha! hmmm. i am getting hooked to rock and roll oldies :S okay lah maybe not hooked! but i am also listening to rascal flatts, country songs (they make you go into your little countryside corner)! soothing songs :p i'm so having pre-monday blues right now ): haha. argh i don't want another week to start again!

♥ lost for words and i drift.

Saturday, May 05, 2007 @11:16 PM

ivan's birthday at aloha yesterday! haha. blog about it another time. bottom line is.. cake got smashed into his face.. and i laughed at him, saying it looked like bird shit! stupid of me, cause i wasn't far enough from him. and he smeared some cream on my face!

here's the links to the photo:

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Sunday, April 29, 2007 @2:46 PM

saturday, 210407
-sentosa outing with singtel-ers (:
it was fun! despite the rain! and stupid ivan says that there are lots of mirrors around sentosa.. and i thought a zillion years to understand him! ): anyway, banquet's char kway teow is above average! haha, i want an acoustic guitar :P (after ivan's constant encouragement and seeing him and hasan play) haha. but ivan, i don't have the funds to get a $699 one! haha luge is quite fun, cause of the speed i could go at! hmmm but i think i will become a lousy driver though? i shall not say why, otherwise people will start to laugh at me! beach soccer is quite fun actually, though i became the monkey (half the time, but NOT for 3 hrs okay) and the laughing stock :S haha! and REFEREE Q IS KAYU - obviously biased against my team! *sticks out tongue*

haha went to kimsoon's house afterwhich, for dinner! i love deep fried butter sotong! (: nice ones only! watching some random chinese (un-real) movie is fun! haha! nr1 rocks :D

sunday, 220407
-qingming in the morning!
lunch-ed at sakae with my cousins (: the adults flocked to din tai feng :P haha! it was nice, we ate like buffet but it was ala-carte! so our bill came up to be very buffet-like! though there were more adults, our bill came up to be much higher than theirs! :S oh well. it's my brother's fault! warped his face, many joys to all of us.
-szehui's and wanwen's early birthday celebration!
me and elaine were really really late! haha and i convinced her to cab there :P but, we got a really scary driver! her driving skills were very very doubtful! cause the way she drove into the taxi stand, it was filled with uncertainties! (i was thinking to myself, i think szehui could drive much better than that) but we didn't have a choice, but to take it! and direct her the way to kovan! it's been such a long time since we went to wanwen's house (: everyone was present (: one big happy family! watching tv together :D many opinions on ms singapore universe! similar point of view though, we made lots of noise! many thanks to wanwen and her family! cause they supplied the food and venue! hope she had a fun time! haha! and enjoyed the cake (: the pictures were nice! WE ARE ORH NI LOVERS! ORH NI CLIQUE!
LET'S MEET UP SOON! miss you guys alr! GO EVERYONE'S HOUSE! i miss nessa's house, we should watch dvds at her home after she comes back from her holiday! and jam's house, her coffee table/mahjong table! her swing ((: cheryl's house and her GIANT LUDO! muahaha! and her playground and PRATA! one day we really must eat there together again (: how we always crash her house and have SLEEPOVERS! could we do that in june? i haven't been to bel's house, vonne's and szehui's! ):

wednesday, 250407
-chill with my colleagues
ivan was looking for clothes cause his brother is gonna sponsor his birthday present. haha. hongyi is hardcore levi's fan (worse than me)! he didn't even realized we were gone for 10mins! omg. and i didn't managed to convince them to buy $19.90 plain tees/pullovers from zara! ): what a pity! a/x had this really nice pullover! will fall in love with anyone who buys it! buy for me also can, sleeping with it will also be nice (: had subway for dinner. and ivan hates this advert by GAP! haha. and the guys were extremely convinced to watch 200 pound beauty! but i guess 200pound beauty > my boyfriend the cyborg? not that i watched any. haha. we went all the way to heeren! LIMITED EDITION SHOES :D benedict felt cheated that his converse shoes are no longer limited edition! haha. the black and grey converse is rather tempting! we went to left foot (q's favourite cause he is left-footed :S, he said so himself okay!) adidas sweater <3

thursday, 260407
jansen's last civilian day before he booked in on friday. ran errands for him when he went to shave off his hair! lol. a few of us met up, to have a drink at mos (: wf says i have roving eyes! hmmm can't blame me when you use mos cup to block you!! lol! it was quite interesting night :P

♥ lost for words and i drift.


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